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Business Litigation Specialists

To be successful in business now, it is no longer enough to know your product and your clientele.



Today you need to have an expert adviser with a deep understanding of the law as it relates to your business niche, your management team and your employees.


Lawsuits against businesses are on the rise. In addition to contract disputes and product claims, judgments in the millions of dollars for discrimination, sexual harassment and other employee-related lawsuits are no longer unique — additionally, be aware that most business insurance packages specifically exclude coverage for those types of incidents.

At Westlake Legal Services, Inc. we work with our business clients before problems arise. We will review your contracts, purchase orders and invoices to make sure that all options are available to you and that all of your rights are protected.


Should litigation arise, our attorneys have decades of dual-aspect experience and success in both prosecuting and defending business-related claims. 

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