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Criminal Defense

The consequences of criminal penalties go far beyond monetary fines or even the loss of freedom.


When facing such charges, an individual or corporation confronts the immeasurable costs associated with damage to one's good name and reputation. Most criminal defendants are good people who may have made a mistake and often that mistake was simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you've been accused of any of the following crimes, Westlake Legal Services, Inc. will work with you to obtain the best possible conclusion to your case. 

* Assault

* Battery

* Burglary

* Criminal Trespass

* Domestic Violence


* Fraud


* Hit and Run

* Possession of Narcotics

* Prostitution

* Receipt of Stolen Property

* Shoplifting

* Weapons Offenses

* White Collar Crimes 




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Since 1991, our attorneys have handled numerous personal and business related matters for and against companies and entities as large as The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the City and County of Los Angeles, Office Depot, TimeWarner Cable, Polygram and UCLA — and as small as the sole proprietor or an individual Plaintiff or Defendant.

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